Mama Gena's Self Love Challenge

a 5-day journey to awakening your most confident, radiant, and limitless self

Ready to wake up each and every day in love with the life you’re living? 

Learn how to indulge yourself through daily acts of self love so you can reignite the energetic fire and joy in your life.

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Are you ready to awaken the exciting and energetic woman that you suspect still lives deep inside your soul? 

It is my deep, hot, and holy conviction that the body of every woman is a living, breathing altar. Yet, exquisite self-care is the easiest thing to toss aside when the mundane aspects of daily life take over.

Over the past few decades, I have discovered 5 specific self-care practices that you can use to shift the reality of your everyday life (even with a demanding career, while raising kids, or when you're incredibly busy)...

...and today I wanted to share them with you.


The 5-Day Self Love Challenge is all about indulging your senses, making space for play, and reigniting the flame inside of you - in one small way everyday - so you can live (and love) your life more fully than you ever dreamt possible.

I'm abundantly excited to take you on this journey, my darling. Shall we get started?

Join me for the 5-Day Self Love Challenge where we will strip away the ordinary and reveal the vibrant and vivacious woman you once were (or were always meant to be)... all through 5 daily acts of self care.  

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